Securus Technologies Helping Officers Monitor Inmates

One of the biggest issues we have in the prison working as corrections officers is the fact that we are outnumbered at least 4:1 in most cases. When you have more inmates than officers, you really have to watch every detail or these inmates will get the upper hand. Trying to keep contraband out of the prison and in the hands of those inmates is a daily struggle, but we believe we have discovered a way to help even the odds.


Once Securus Technologies installed our prison inmate call system, we discovered we had a new resource that could do the work of dozens of officers around the clock. The call system monitors the inmates calls, and we can pick up specific chatter that identifies conversations about drugs, weapons, or even threats of violence.


We have complete confidence in the Securus Technologies company and the CEO Rick Smith. His company is based out of Dallas Texas and all 1,000 employees of the company work by one motto, making the world a safer place for us all. The team trained me and my fellow officers so we could get to work quickly using the system. Having worked in over 2,500 correctional facilities, we were confident the team could help us.


Within hours of using the new Securus Technologies inmate call system, the system began to bear fruit. We were able to discover a conversation that revealed where inmates were hiding drugs in the yard, when an inmate was going to buy drugs from a visitor to the jail, and even where and when inmates were getting together to do drugs either in their cells or around the prison. These instances would be near impossible to uncover without the alert feature of the call system, allowing us to some what even the odds now and getting a hold on these violent outbursts.