Successful CEO and Founder of Neogama, Alexandre Gama

Born on 1st June 1958, Alexandre Gama is a renowned businessman and creative professional who hails from Brazil. He established Neogama, a leading advertising agency in Brazil, and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of his firm.

Alexandre Gama’s Education and Career Background

Alexandre Gama is a graduate of Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with an Advertising and Communications degree. He began his advertising profession as a creative and copywriter at the Standard Ogolvy & Mather in 1982. He joined DM9 in 1990 to serve as a Copywriter and Creative Director and for the four years he worked at DM9, Gama received numerous awards. He also worked at Almap, BBDO and Young & Rubicam before establishing Neogama in 1999.

Achievements of Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama was the first individual of Latin America origin at Cannes Festival, France, to present a Master Class. By 2016, Alexandre had been awarded twenty-three Lions from the Cannes Festival. He was also the first Latin American to lead the international award judging for advertising experts at the International Film Jury of D&AD in 2004. He has been recognized as the ‘Agency Director of the Year’, and ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry’ among numerous other titles given due to his exemplary works in the industry. He has served on various boards including ABAP and is also the founder of VIOLAB.


Karl Heideck, The Best Attorney In Philadelphia

Karl Heideck is one of the best attorneys in PhiladelphiaKarl Heideck is an accomplished attorney who bases his practice in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. The lawyer has a vast experience in litigation, compliance and risk management. He has helped out entrepreneurs in the whole of Philadelphia.

In his experience, Heideck has opened a big law firm with his colleagues, and before you start any case with him, he will make it clear to you that he does not have private clients who can affect the case. Karl Heideck has not been found in any malpractice regarding the law sector, so confidence in him is high. Clients will not regret hiring him.

In his contribution to law, Karl Heiderick has defined that litigation financing is a way in which companies fund any lawsuits that they have opened. Heideck says that this method is now prominent in both small and large cases. It is important for people who are seeking a third party financing.

Karl Heiderick encourages the third party financing since the sponsors can revitalize the company that is in the case during the trying times. The funding firm is going to protect corporate capital and give choices that ensure risks are minimized if a case does not succeed. Getting a self-sustaining cover is also cheaper because it is a good measure in legal financing. With advancements in lawsuit funding, keeping up will be hard for the company lawyers, but careful planning and keen interest will make them have a vast and expansive network of financing options use full through the years.

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Kim Dao’s Culinary Journey At A Japanese Street Festival

Just recently, I began watching videos made by Australian video blogger Kim Dao, and I have to say that I find them very enjoyable to watch.


A few minutes ago, I watched a video that Kim Dao made at a Japanese summer festival in August 2016. In this video, Kim and one of her friends are attending a street festival, where they sample several different food items.


The video opens with scenes of the two young women utilizing what appears to be the Tokyo subway system to meet up at a busy street festival. With some jazzy, instrumental music playing between scenes that feature dialogue or narration, the video maintains an upbeat feel.


As Kim Dao and her friend tour the festival area, the camera takes in views of skewers of meat cooking on a cinder block grill, a team of cheerleaders dancing on a stage, and lots of crowd shots.


There are lots of views of the various foods being prepared and sold at the festival, and many of them look quite appetizing. Midway through the video, Kim Dao remarks about the delicious foods from Japan, China, Korea, and Thailand.


After it begins to rain on the street festival, Kim Dao and her friend stop at a Starbucks location, then Kim returns outside to provide a closing to the video.


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Norman Pattiz

The results of a first of its kind series of studies for various podcast advertisers has revealed a boost in product awareness and tendency to buy.

The studies, which took in five key customer brands across five diverse product and service groupings, were announced by PodcastOne Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz and Edison Research vice president of strategy, Tom Webster.

Edison Research conducted three separate studies in the interests of PodcastOne in 2016 which emphasized national brands, some of which were well-known while others were lesser-known brands searching for increased awareness.

In each pre-campaign and post-campaign podcast listeners were given online surveys before the advertising campaign began and after the trial ended, approximately four and six weeks after the campaign.

The study showed more than 60 percent of Podcast listeners referred to a particular grocery brand after the ad runs, an increase of 7 percent from the pre-study.

There was also a 37 percent increased awareness of campaign message, in particular for an automobile aftermarket product and a lawn and garden product got to see an improvement of 24 percent. Independent product knowledge for a financial services product picked up 47 percent post-campaign.

Edison Research vice president Tom Webster commented in a statement that since their approach allowed for the before and after study, the company was in a position to demonstrate the major impact podcast advertising has on many efficient measures. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

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What’s more in the post-study, more than 33 percent had a very favorable opinion of an automobile aftermarket product, a jump of 18 percent from pre-study. And 22 percent said they were almost influenced enough to use a garden and lawn product.

Also in post-study research, awareness of a specialized campaign message for casual dining restaurant climbed 76 percent and an automobile aftermarket product rose by 60 percent.

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz, who founded Podcast, has extensive knowledge and know-how in the broadcast industry. He also founded radio-giant Westwood One in 1974 which went on to become the largest radio network in the country.

Pattiz has received numerous awards including the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting and the Freedom of Speech award. He was also inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

He and his wife reside in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills, California.

Fabletics Growth

The growth of the retail industry online is one of the major storylines of the economic news cycle this year. Over the years, a lot of people have decided to start investing in this area in order to drive growth and value. With that change, Fabletics is a company that has benefited. There are not many companies that can say they are competing with Amazon head to head. However, this is a company that is starting to take away market share from other people as well. If you are ready to start thinking about the future, you need to work with this company on a variety of solutions for your current situation. Not only that, but this company can help you reach your goals in other areas of your life as well.

Starting Out

One of the keys to the success of this company is how they started out. Over the past couple of years, the company wanted to make as big of a difference in the lives of other people as possible. They have worked hard on a plan that makes sense for their business model. The company used effective digital marketing in order to drive value for their products and services. In addition, the company is looking forward to changing the way they see things in the future. Kate Hudson has played a huge role in how much she has been able to help others in this area. Not only that, but she is excited about ready to take the next step in her career.

Final Thoughts

In the coming years, Fabletics is a company that is poised to have a high rate of growth. Not only that, but it is a company that a lot of people are excited about working with. If you are ready and willing to take your life to the next level in this area, working with this company is the way to go. Fabletics has proven that they are able to figure out a way to help you with your athletic apparel needs. Within that market niche, they have brought in people like Kate Hudson who can help market the program. In addition, the company has done a great job of their capital investment strategy. However, they are looking for ways to help themselves in the coming years by trying to make even better investments that are more efficient than others.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Madison Street Capital Helps WLR Automotive Group

Madison Street Capital is now advising WLR Automotive Group on a sale of over thirteen million dollars. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm, and they are helping WLR Automotive Group in this 13.2 million dollar transaction lease. WLR Automotive Group, located in the Maryland and Tri State Region, is a car wash and lube company, which helps repair automotives. They are a leader in their industry. The transaction was completed by SCF Realty Capital, which is based on Texas. The announcement of this transaction was made by Charles Botchway. Charles Botchway is the CEO of Madison Street Capital. Barry Petersen helped lead the transaction. He is the senior Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital. This deal adds to already the growing and well respected Madison Street Capital Reputation.


Madison Street Capital is dedicated to integrity and honesty. They are dedicated to excellence and leadership. They help businesses manage their finances so that they can succeed. An example of this is their advisory for the above mentioned transaction of WLR Automotive Group. They help businesses evaluate their strategies. When they undertake a project, the goals of the client become their own goals. They focus a lot on emerging markets. Doing this, they have been able to help many clients become successful in their finances and transactions.


They provide services to both publicly held and privately owned businesses. They have locations in North America, Asia and Africa, so you can take advantage of their services no matter where you are located around the world. They have lots of experience in helping clients in all markets, including technology, healthcare, retail, energy and solar, manufacturing, construction and real estate, mining of minerals and natural resources, media and telecom, transportation, medical devices, financial services, and also aerospace and defense. This is not a comprehensive list, as there are many other industries where they have helped an untold number of clients.


Other transaction they are known for include the Hatch Chile Company, Fabtrol System, InteriorMark, GMS Pavillion Properties, and many many others. They have received many awards and M&A awards, including the M&A advisor awards in 2015 and 2016, along with M&A emerging leader awards, M&A turnaround awards, and international M&A awards.


They donate a lot to charity. For example, they helped United Way a lot, when disasters struck all over the world. Through their donations to United Way, many communities have been helped.


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George Soros Is Improving His Political Capital

George Soros has been reported by Politico as taking steps to ensure his progressive ideas will make their way in the public discourse. He has been looking for ways to pull people together who will help donate to the cause, and this article explains how the donors who are meeting with him are giving him the means to fight against Donald Trump. There are many things that may be done to help improve the situation in America, and people who are looking at ways to keep their progressive ideals moving forward must look to George for assistance.

#1: He Is Meeting With Donors

George has started to meet with donors to ensure that they will give to the causes that are the most important to changing the elections in 2018 and 2020. George has many targets in American politics that he wishes to fight against, and he will continue to send funds to those who will help in his fight. He knows that he may help quite a lot of people by doing this, and he believes that it is much better that many partners working together for the common good.

#2: Who Are His Targets?

The targets that George has chosen include many conservative politicians who have shown that they are not acting in what he believes are the public’s best interests. He wants them to be removed from office by any means necessary, and the donors he has found will ensure there is enough to be used for these purposes. They may spend years in court fighting against people they think are not good for the public, and they will continue to fight until they are certain that there is a way to remove each person who is not acting properly.

#3: The Summit Was Important After Hillary’s Loss

Hillary Clinton’s loss in the Presidential election is one that has caused the summit to occur, and there are many people who gave money to her campaign as George did. He gave as much money as possible, and he knows that he must do something to follow up the loss. He will begin to work for the more progressive policies that he believes in, and he knows that he may make a large difference in the world simply by fighting for the common man.

The people that have been collected by George Soros to help with the midterm elections in 2018 all met with him in Washington. They have taken steps to raise as much money as possible to ensure that they may get back on a progressive agenda. They will continue to give their money, and they will help garner more donations by reaching out to other progressives.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Introducing Oncotarget To All

Past few years have been witness to a vast accumulation of knowledge on oncogenes, cellular processes, oncoproteins, tumor suppressors, cellular responses, signal transduction, intercellular interactions along with the function as well as dysfunction of cells, organs, and other systems. In fact, it is the therapeutic targeting of all these molecules as well as processes that have become a growing area in the field of cancer research. This field is becoming increasingly complex as well as multidisciplinary. Hence now the knowledge has to move from basic research and reach the clinic. This would encompass varied fields that would include cell biology, molecular biology, pharmacology, as well as pathology, physiology, oncology and so much more.

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Even in many other medical disciplines, new therapy targets have been identified. The agents that have been developed for specific diseases can be used in treating cancer. This can be applied vice versa too. There are some drugs being used for treating infections and such other disorders. These can impact targets that are relevant to cancer too. Download output styles at

This is the right time for a new journal that will be specifically focused on cancer-relevant targets. It will have to encompass the complexity of this vast field.

Several of the inaugural issues of Oncotarget feature papers on basic, besides translational as well as clinical research. Next are the paradigm-shifting articles. Besides, there would be systematic reviews, along with opinions as well as perspectives coming in from eminent personalities. This way it has a unique as well as broad scope. Oncotarget is offering several other unique features too. Hence it is going to be a high impact journal that is going to make a mark in the twenty-first century.

There are many drugs that can be particularly attractive as anti-cancer agents as they have been approved for clinical use. Hence their effects, as well as side effects, are already known. The anti-malarial, as well as anti-epileptic drugs, are considered as anti-cancer drugs. Now some anti-cancer drugs are also being indicated for atherosclerosis and even aging. Hence oncotarget is going to encompass research on molecules, pathways, as well as cellular functions, cell types along with tissues that can be targeted which are relevant to cancer along with other diseases. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

EOS’ Keys to Success in a Crowded Market

Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, the founders of the Evolution of Smooth, discussed the story behind their success. The company skyrocketed from a small start-up into a major contender in the lip balm industry. According to Kline research firm, EOS has become the second best-selling lip balm company in the nation. With an estimated value of $250 million, EOS has successfully outgrown Chapstick and Blistex. The two founders admitted that the stagnation in the lip balm market proved to be an excellent window of opportunity. Mehra and Teller understood how introducing a revolutionary product to such a “lazy” market would encourage major growth.

From the beginning, EOS lip balm deliberately chose to market their product specifically to women. The company understood that a vast majority of lip balm sales consisted of women. Instead of taking on the difficult task of designing something appealing to both men and women, Mehra and Teller decided to focus on the most profitable portion of the consumer base. In order to appeal to the target demographic, the founders at EOS set out to redesign the lip balm container. With the help of a sculptor, they created a spherical, orb design. EOS wanted to create a product that was appealing to all five senses. From the clicking of the container to the myriad flavors and colors that come with the lip balm, the founders at EOS created a unique and fashionable product.

After experiencing great success in major retailers such as Walmart and Target, Mehra and Teller invested in their own manufacturing facility. This allowed the team to cut costs in the long-term and gave them greater control and oversight during the production process. With the help of celebrities and Facebook bloggers, EOS quickly became the most active and influential advertisers in the lip balm market. This investment helped the company to continue to generate interest and sales.

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Sam Tabar, the Investment Expert

Professional success is never a sure thing for every graduate despite academic excellence. As a result, many people who pass through the education system settle for odd jobs and end up frustrated since these jobs do not match up their academic qualifications and their income anticipations. But this was not the case with the capital strategist Sam Tabar.

A graduate of Oxford University, he attained honors in the Bachelor of Arts. He then pursued a Masters of Law in Columbia University, where he served as the editor of Columbia Business Law Journal. He spear-headed his career at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP as an associate and later moving on to business development and capital strategy.

He worked as the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development at SPARX Group Co and also as an Investment Advisor. Besides, he served as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Using his law background, he returned to the legal field with Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP being in charge of hedge funds, regulatory and compliance issues, capital formation, and structure. He then joined the FullCycle Energy Fund where he campaigned for the use of environmentally friendly fuels.

According to, Sam Tabar developed a strategic marketing plan for the company, targeting investors, family offices and high-investing clients worldwide. More so, he satisfactorily served the firm’s over 2000 investors and led to the introduction of 400 plus new investors.

Also, he contributed to the company’s increase in assets to 1.2 billion dollars while in management. He also offered counsel to hedge fund clients. Moreover, Sam Tabar made investments in properties and start-ups like Thnx and Verboten.

Despite Tabar’s success in his career, he is also social and one can easily reach him in SoundCloud and also on Facebook. Not halting there, Sam Tabar has made engagement with media houses inclusive of the New York Minute, where he shares his impeccably successful career in prestigious positions of duty.

Sam has been a role model to many youths who he visits and mentors them to dream big and never giving up despite the challenges.