Anthony Petrello: Innovation Meets Business

Using the latest technology and advanced features, Nabors Industries LTD is seemingly becoming one of the largest names in the drilling industry. Backed by an experienced team of top experts and field educated staff members, Nabors Industries LTD has recently become the leading supplier of rigs and related equipment. Through a variety of innovative techniques and original business ventures, the company managed to increase sales and solidify its name. Operating under the direct guidance of Anthony Petrello, Nabors Industries LTD is continuously increasing in both popularity and product supply.

The one time lawyer, Anthony Petrello honed his leadership skills working as a manager for the infamous Berkeley & Mckenzie law firm. Leading the New York division, Anthony helped excel the firm into a huge success. After serving many years at Berkeley & Mckenzie, Anthony Petrello now sits as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nabors Industries LTD. Carefully overseeing the daily task of the company, Anthony is working tirelessly to propel the company to new heights. The company is the largest land based drilling rig fleet. Instilling new and creative ideas into the company, Nabors Industries LTD has already accomplished global success.

Using a variety of different services, Nabors Industries LTD is unmatched against its competitors. The innovative company combines technological features and products to offer the best available services. Using creative techniques the company developed software to help control most automated rigs.

The established software helps increase the accuracy and effectiveness of the drilling rigs. Working to improve the penetration and drilling performance of the rigs, the new software is unique in its field.

Along with new software, Nabors Industries LTD also offers an abundance of operational tools and onshore drilling products. The huge fleet of rigs can provide any available tool needed to complete drilling task. The company has collectively deployed over a thousand different top drives. Boosting speed and performance, Nabors Industries LTD also offers a 24 hour help line for all its products. Customers are allowed to speak to trained specialist and technicians set in place to help ease and troubleshoot any problem. The company helps produce and manufacture the most basic and complex drilling rigs required for various task.

Anthony Petrello has helped turn Nabors Industries LTD into a mega company. The huge business produce a variety of different specialized rigs. These machines are able to drill both on and offshore. As the products continue to upgrade, the importance of specialized rigs continue to grow. The rigs are used in over 40 different areas expanding from the Middle East to the Golf Coast.

Anthony and his colleagues are proving to be the top performers in their field. Establishing and maintaining the growth of Nabors Industries LTD is a complex task. As the services and products grow, the company remains as one of the safest and well resourced businesses in the industry.

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Keith Mann Assists Uncommon Schools to Raise Money

Uncommon Schools was happy to receive scholarships from prominent businessman Keith Mann. The funds for the scholarship will go to its high school located in Brooklyn. The award is meant for graduating seniors coming from the high school. One scholarship is going to be offered every year for a graduating high school senior. The scholarship’s value now stands at $5,000.

Uncommon Schools is a network of schools that provide education for students in high school. The school has a tradition of helping students graduate from high school successfully and move forward to attending college where they earn a degree.

According to Crunchbase, The scholarship award was provided by Keith Mann, the founder and current CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. He came up with the idea of the scholarships to pay for a student’s college. As the founder of the company, Keith Mann has worked hard to help build his firm. Dynamic Search Partners is a leading executive search firm which provides search services to companies that want to fill administrative roles.

During an interview, Keith Mann was asked about his feelings towards the project.

The amount was to ensure that the needs of the school were met. Through Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann has helped Uncommon Schools for three years now. The firm has an initiative to make useful people out of the youth that seem to have limited chances. According to Keith Mann, the institution is currently a success. He is proud that students can now get to college with enthusiasm.

Keith Mann has worked in the hedge fund industry for the past fifteen years. After noticing the difference in the search industry and hedge fund, he tried to close the gap. Dynamic Search Partners was formed in 2009. He created the company with the hope that it will handle alternative investments.

The company has succeeded in many ways. The firm has a close relationship with Uncommon Schools. Keith Mann is proud of his work in the school. He plans to foster a better relationship and work with them in the coming years.

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Lovaganza: Where The World’s Beauty is Showcased

Lovaganza is a humanitarian entertainment group that seeks to create spectacular entertainment that invokes entertainment and wonder among its followers throughout the world. To achieve this, Lovaganza commits to showcase the different cultures held by different communities around the world. By doing so, they not only entertain their audience but also create a unifying factor as people learn about each other’s culture.

Currently, Lovaganza is being involved in a series of projects which will be reviewed below.

Lovaganza Embarks on Recording a Musical Soundtrack and Theme Song For their Series “The Marvelous 12”
The Marvelous 12 is an animated series show on that will be aimed at telling their audience the story behind The Lovaganza Convoy films. It will be showcased to the public during Lovaganza’s travelling tours as a way of building up to the Lovaganza worldwide celebrations that are set to take place in 2020. To show their commitment to the project, the Lovaganza Founders Jean Francois and Genevieve Gagnon said that the recording of the film would take part in the Abbey Road Studios so as to ensure that they have the best resources to make the project a success. It came as a surprise to many Lovaganza fans that it was the two founders that came up with the soundtrack on Crunchbase. Other parties that will be involved in its creation include Chris Elliot who will be in charge of its production, and Geoff Alexander who will be in charge of sound.

The Extravaganza of Love
The project will be a 360 degrees stage show that will involve real life musicians, dancers and actors performing at the same time. The Extravaganza of Love at will be shown on 360 degree screen.

The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy
The Lovaganza convoy trilogy is a joint project between The Lovaganza and the Immerscope Technological Company. The film will be shot using Immerscope technology and will be played on 180 degree screens at the Immerscope theaters around the world.

To their audience, The Lovaganza evokes emotions of love for each other as different communities get exposed to different cultures and belief. People therefore learn to appreciate the world’s diversity and therefore eases stereotypes.

Capitol Anesthesiology – Austin, Texas

Capitol Anesthesiology is an anesthesiology company located in Austin, Texas. The association provides general, local, and pediatric anesthesia, among others. Many places around Austin have worked with Capitol anesthesiology, including partnerships for children, and Children’s medical center Foundation. Numerous practitioners of the association volunteer with organizations that provide help for children around the world, such as Austin Smiles, and Dell Children’s surgical global Outreach.

All of the Physicians at Capitol Anesthesiology are certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, or are currently pursuing certification by the board. The Association has over 80 physicians, many who have completed training in advanced areas of anesthesiology. There are also over 130 CRNA’s, or certified registered nurse anesthetists.

With highly trained and certified staff, and having been in the business for over 40 years, Capitol Anesthesiology has a trusted team and reputation.

Lime Crime – The Beauty Solution for Unicorns by Unicorns

Lime Crime is a beauty solution for unicorns by unicorns. They specialize in makeup that is that is for the bold grunge look that also highlights your posh side. Founder, Doe Deere embodies the essence of their product line. Deere flaunts a whimsical and colorful style that encourages her consumers to dare to be unique.


Every Beauty seeker strives to look their best, for the best price and without sacrificing animal well-being.


Lime Crime has some new product releases that are definitely something to get excited about. The new products include new colors to their Unicorn Lipstick product line and lip gloss sets featuring different variations of trendy colors.

This beauty line boasts a great social media presence online. Their Facebook page has a whopping 900K+ likes and is known to post coupons and new product releases frequently. If you’re a frequent purchaser of these products or looking to purchase in the future, checking out their Facebook page can be a valuable resource for coupons and reviews. Also, Celia Leslie; a Youtube makeup maven raves about the Velvetine’s lipstick line. She is notorious for reviewing makeup brands and letting consumers of their value. She praised and spoke highly of their products and proved that their lipstick line is incredibly versatile. The Lipsticks that Celia reviewed were several different shades that all looked great on her.


These amazing products can be purchased at a myriad of retailers over the country: One of the most widely known is Urban Outfitters. Their site also maps out which locations you can purchase their authentic product lines.


Their products are stylish, trendy and make for great gifts as well. They encourage their consumers to be “unicorns” and be different: challenge the makeup dos and donts and stay true to themselves. Their colorful packaging and remarkable product list make Lime Crime a beauty must-have.

George Soros: A man with many missions

George Soros is a man of conviction. This is evident in the way Mr. Soros boldly declares his positions on critical issues as well as his willingness to contribute large sums of his own money to these issues. In recent months Mr. Soros has committed a considerable amount of resources to a number of important issues shaping our nation and the world at large.

Of particular interest to George Soros was the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Mr. Soros has been an acquaintance of Hillary for a quarter of a century and has publicly backed her unsuccessful bid for the United States presidency. Mr. Soros also committed over twenty-five million dollars to Hillary’s campaign. Though disappointed that Hillary was not able to wrestle the presidential election away from Donald Trump Mr. Soros has not stopped fighting.

Mr. Soros and other Hillary supporters recently met in Washington to plan their efforts at a Trump resistance. A main goal of this resistance is to thwart Donald Trump’s professed one hundred day plan. Soros and others at the meeting consider Trump’s plan to be “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.”

Mr. Soros also contributed two million dollars to defeat Joe Arpaio in his bid for reelection in the race for Maricopa County sheriff in Arizona. This contribution is part of a larger effort on the part of Mr. Soros to fund criminal justice reform throughout the nation. Groups backed by Mr. Soros have also made major contributions in local races for District Attorney in a number of counties across the country. Among these donations are: Over one million dollars in Houston’s Harris county.

George Soros has also been particularly interested in the fate of migrants and refugees throughout the planet. He has personally pledged to give five hundred million dollars in aid to causes concerning migrants and refugees. Mr. Soros has been on record encouraging other investors to aid in this cause with strong words such as, “Our collective failure to develop and implement effective policies to handle the increased flow has contributed greatly to human misery and political instability both in countries people are fleeing and the countries that host them, willingly or not.”

It is Mr. George Soros’ hopes that investors will join him in providing money for businesses and social impact initiatives started by migrants and refugees. Mr. Soros further states, “Although my main concern is to help migrants and refugees arriving in Europe, I will be looking for good investment ideas that will help migrants all over the world.”

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TOWN Residential Provides Access to Excellent NYC Real Estate

For anyone that desires to live in the Manhattan area, the TOWN Residential Realty company is perfect for finding the appropriate listings. Exploring New York real estate is so much easier when you have the right agents in place. The agents from TOWN Residential are familiar with a plethora of different properties throughout areas like the Lower East Side, Midtown East, Gramercy Park and Upper West Side.


TOWN Residential has become the company that attracts a large number of people that are interested in some great luxury properties. This is one of the best real estate companies because it presents the best that Manhattan has to offer. This is the type of company that may be able to provide a lot of people with information when they are new to the area. Anyone that visits the website will find that there are things like corporate relocation services and town guides for people that may not be familiar with the area. It is obvious that there are a lot of people that move from other parts of NYC that may not be familiar with all the options that are available just in the Manhattan area. Battery Park, Tribeca and the SoHo are just a few of the places that people can consider.


Luxury apartments have become the norm in Manhattan. Many wealthy people that are looking for those apartments and condos that have spacious floor plans and contemporary designs. There is a lot of new construction happening in NYC, and there are properties on 110th Street and 23rd Street. This is the thing that attracts a large amount of clients to TOWN Residential. These agents have access to the new construction properties that are available for sale. These agents even have important information on the layout and floor plans for those properties that have not been completed just yet. This is the reason that there is so much appreciation for TOWN Residential. It is the only realty company that you will need.


There are some companies that have a certain district with properties in certain parts of NYC, but the number of listings may be limited. This is the great thing about using TOWN Residential. Thousands of properties are available for your viewing pleasure on the website. When it comes to luxury there are no other real estate companies in the Manhattan area that have this bountiful list of properties. This massive ongoing list of properties and experienced agents makes this company one of the better realty companies in the NYC area.


New York is a really big city. There are a lot of people that are going to have a desire to move to the area and explore different neighborhoods. When you are using a TOWN Residential agent they can give you information on certain neighborhoods along with nearby attractions.



Kenneth Goodgame;The Operation Management Leader

When it comes to operational management, Kenneth Goodgame has excelled in this sector. While working in the operational management field, he has managed several projects worth billions and millions of dollars. Kenneth Goodgame is well known for combining innovative merchandising as well as innovative marketing. He is also known for his streamlined financial oversight and finally the way he establishes smart business strategies.

A graduate of Tennessee University, Kenneth Goodgame is known for his eye to details in one of the following areas.

  • Employee engagement
  • Corporate alignment
  • Quality assurance systems
  • Key performance indicators

Kenneth Goodgame main aim is to improve the performance as well as the profitability of any organization. His main responsibility as an operational management leader is to ensure there is growth at every organization he works for. He manages to achieve this through leadership, cost analysis as well as quality improvement and not forgetting productivity enhancement. Kenneth Goodgame has experience that helps him detect mistakes that would lead to failure.

Kenneth Goodgame has managed to excel in the retail industry. He is an expert when it comes to running promotions to attract the attention of his customers. He has succeeded in the retail industry by focusing on the end cap. He believes that end caps play a major role when it comes to making sales in the retail industry.

According to Kenneth Goodgame, end caps are usually recognized by customers once they enter a store. He believes that end caps often help customers with information about the products that are on sale or promotion.

According to Crunchbase and XRepublic, Kenneth Goodgame graduated with a degree in Marketing. Since then, He has worked in some various organization before settling for the position at True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago, Illinois. He holds the position of Chief Merchandising Officer as well as the Senior Vice President of this organization. He has held this position since the year 2013.

Some of his major contributions at True Value Hardware Include: He has managed over $2.2 billion in Global purchasing as well as $320 in active inventory. During his time here, he has also managed to re-engineer talent acquisition as well as to rebuild the whole merchandising team.

At True Value hardware, Kenneth has had success in helping the firm make savings of up to 10 percent from lows of two percent. Finally, he managed to implement the end cap program at True Value Hardware.
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He has also worked for Techtronic Industries North America as the president of Baja Motorsports. Finally, Kenneth Goodgame used to work for Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia and Newell Rubbermaid in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Raj Fernando’s Career Journey

Raj Fernando serves as Scouthead’s Founder and Chief Operating Officer. He attended Beloit College to pursue a degree in History and Economics. Later on, he joined University of College London for advanced studies in economics and history. Before joining Scouthead, Raj Fernando worked at Chopper Trading. Fernando’s career started in College as Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s volunteer. Later on, from 1992 to 2001, Fernando served on the Chicago Board of Trade before establishing his trading firm, Chopper Trading. Under Fernando’s regime, Chopper Trading grew to a global-scale organization having employed over 250 employees and traded on LSE, ICE, ICAP-Broketek, and Nasdaq.

Raj Fernando’s Philanthropic efforts

Besides, Raj Fernando would support the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC) accomplish its mission of fostering transparent, competitive, and regulated financial markets. In fact, Raj featured as CFTC’s panelist during the discussion of disruptive trading practices. Additionally, Fernando attended the annual exclusive industry forum, Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference where he addressed an international audience of media personalities and shareholder. In 2015, Raj Fernando’s Chopper Trading was acquired by a Chicago-based trading firm, DRW Trading Group. Later on, he founded Scouthead, a technology startup, to improve professional and corporate productivity through hi-tech communication systems. Currently, Raj serves as Scouthead’s head of strategic planning.

Besides business, Raj Fernando supports several philanthropic initiatives in Chicago and across the United States. He serves on the board of PAWS Chicago, a pro-animal rights activist as well as on Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s board of trustees. He also offers financial support to several foundations such as the Wounded Warriors and the Clinton Foundation. Furthermore, Raj serves on America Security Project’s board of directors. Here, Fernando serves as a member of the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee of Brooking Institution as well as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs member. In 2011, Fernando served as a member of the International Security Advisory Board.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Raj Fernando approaches the hiring process uniquely. Unlike competitors, Raj Fernando subjects his employees to a lengthy screening process before they are hired. As such, Raj Fernando can hire passionate and dedicated employees.

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Geoffrey Cone Discusses Entrepreneurship

Geoffrey Cone, the successful leader of one of New Zealand’s most prominent law firms, recently participated in an event where he discussed his career as an entrepreneur and shared the benefits his career path has allotted him. The event was held in one of New Zealand’s most populated cities and was intended to encourage future professionals to consider entering the entrepreneurial field. Cone gave several talks to the young professionals who attended the event. During his talks, he emphasized the effect that entrepreneurship and small businesses had on the growing New Zealand economy, the benefits that small business ownership would have on the careers of young professionals. Cone ended the talks by describing his own journey in the legal profession and explaining the impact that his decision to start his own firm had on his personal life and the lives of those around him.


Effects of Entrepreneurship on New Zealand Economy

Geoffrey Cone discussed the positive effects that large levels of entrepreneurship can have on the New Zealand economy. Cone stated that entrepreneurship could cause the economy in New Zealand to become more stable as a result of the increase in job security, cash flow, and production in the country. Cone encouraged the young professionals to build businesses where they could thrive and sustain lifelong careers while proudly serving New Zealand citizens.


Benefits of Entrepreneurship

Geoffrey Cone also discussed the tactical benefits of opening a business. Cone emphasized the flexibility that entrepreneurship often brings to the lives of those who pursue it. The attorney described the life of an entrepreneurship as a demanding but rewarding one. He stated that the pursuit of entrepreneurship allows business owners to maintain a control of their lives that usually does not exist for individuals working for employers. Entrepreneurship also affords individuals the ability to drastically control income and financial output levels.


Personal Entrepreneurship Effects

Geoffrey Cone also took the time to discuss his personal experience with opening a business. In the early 1990s, after having worked in a legal office for brief time, Cone made the decision to partner with Karen Marshall to open the Cone Marshall law firm.  Cone discussed the impact that his law firm has had on the New Zealand economy and stated that he hoped that the future professionals would make great contributions to their home land.