Keith Mann Assists Uncommon Schools to Raise Money

Uncommon Schools was happy to receive scholarships from prominent businessman Keith Mann. The funds for the scholarship will go to its high school located in Brooklyn. The award is meant for graduating seniors coming from the high school. One scholarship is going to be offered every year for a graduating high school senior. The scholarship’s value now stands at $5,000.

Uncommon Schools is a network of schools that provide education for students in high school. The school has a tradition of helping students graduate from high school successfully and move forward to attending college where they earn a degree.

According to Crunchbase, The scholarship award was provided by Keith Mann, the founder and current CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. He came up with the idea of the scholarships to pay for a student’s college. As the founder of the company, Keith Mann has worked hard to help build his firm. Dynamic Search Partners is a leading executive search firm which provides search services to companies that want to fill administrative roles.

During an interview, Keith Mann was asked about his feelings towards the project.

The amount was to ensure that the needs of the school were met. Through Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann has helped Uncommon Schools for three years now. The firm has an initiative to make useful people out of the youth that seem to have limited chances. According to Keith Mann, the institution is currently a success. He is proud that students can now get to college with enthusiasm.

Keith Mann has worked in the hedge fund industry for the past fifteen years. After noticing the difference in the search industry and hedge fund, he tried to close the gap. Dynamic Search Partners was formed in 2009. He created the company with the hope that it will handle alternative investments.

The company has succeeded in many ways. The firm has a close relationship with Uncommon Schools. Keith Mann is proud of his work in the school. He plans to foster a better relationship and work with them in the coming years.

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    He stated that he was happy to see students from unfortunate backgrounds go to higher learning schools. Before the fundraiser, Keith Mann had donated $10,000. This is the question the need to ask: where can i write my paper and if they can get the answer, then good for them.

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