Kenneth Goodgame;The Operation Management Leader

When it comes to operational management, Kenneth Goodgame has excelled in this sector. While working in the operational management field, he has managed several projects worth billions and millions of dollars. Kenneth Goodgame is well known for combining innovative merchandising as well as innovative marketing. He is also known for his streamlined financial oversight and finally the way he establishes smart business strategies.

A graduate of Tennessee University, Kenneth Goodgame is known for his eye to details in one of the following areas.

  • Employee engagement
  • Corporate alignment
  • Quality assurance systems
  • Key performance indicators

Kenneth Goodgame main aim is to improve the performance as well as the profitability of any organization. His main responsibility as an operational management leader is to ensure there is growth at every organization he works for. He manages to achieve this through leadership, cost analysis as well as quality improvement and not forgetting productivity enhancement. Kenneth Goodgame has experience that helps him detect mistakes that would lead to failure.

Kenneth Goodgame has managed to excel in the retail industry. He is an expert when it comes to running promotions to attract the attention of his customers. He has succeeded in the retail industry by focusing on the end cap. He believes that end caps play a major role when it comes to making sales in the retail industry.

According to Kenneth Goodgame, end caps are usually recognized by customers once they enter a store. He believes that end caps often help customers with information about the products that are on sale or promotion.

According to Crunchbase and XRepublic, Kenneth Goodgame graduated with a degree in Marketing. Since then, He has worked in some various organization before settling for the position at True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago, Illinois. He holds the position of Chief Merchandising Officer as well as the Senior Vice President of this organization. He has held this position since the year 2013.

Some of his major contributions at True Value Hardware Include: He has managed over $2.2 billion in Global purchasing as well as $320 in active inventory. During his time here, he has also managed to re-engineer talent acquisition as well as to rebuild the whole merchandising team.

At True Value hardware, Kenneth has had success in helping the firm make savings of up to 10 percent from lows of two percent. Finally, he managed to implement the end cap program at True Value Hardware.
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He has also worked for Techtronic Industries North America as the president of Baja Motorsports. Finally, Kenneth Goodgame used to work for Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia and Newell Rubbermaid in Huntersville, North Carolina.