Brad Reifler Aims to Help the 99% Catch Up



Over the last few years there has been a movement to see the 99% have more of a break to try and catch up or have a taste of what the 1% have. Brad Reifler through his company Forefront Capital is trying to help Americans achieve this, he is trying to help the 99% from getting left in the dust.

The problem can be exasperated as was portrayed in the fictional movie Money Monster. Here we see in this movie a stock expert who runs a regular TV show where he helps Americans make investment options. Early on in the movie, a disgruntled investor takes the main character hostage. The main character works with the producer to try and uncover the truth behind why they have been taken hostage.

Not unfamiliar to what happened in the movie, most accredited investment firms make money even if their clients do not, mainly because of all the fees they charge. This is how the 1% are slowly leaving everyone else behind. Regulators assume that accredited firms have the know-how to make savvy and wise investment decisions.

Brad Reifler is trying to help the 99% of Americans make those same wise investment choices and give them the same opportunities that the 1% have.

Before his current venture and more recent stint with Pali Captal, Brad ran has own company where it was acquired back in 2000 by Refco. While working with Refco, Brad became a star trader. He has spent the last 20 years in the industry and understands how to make good investment decisions for his clients.

Forefront Capital wants to help clients with three specific areas. The first area is Fees, to limit the amount clients pay in fees so they have more to gain in investments. The second area Access to Investments, and help clients have access to what only the accredited firms have access to. The third area is Stock Market Risk, because Forefront Capital wants to help invest in areas only the accredited could invest in, this decreases the risk of investments.  For more information, read about Brad on