Motivational Speaker and Manager-Vincent Parascandola

Growing up as a young man; Vincent Parascandola knew he wanted to be in the management field. After his High School graduation, Mr. Vincent joined Pace, University, New York where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree. After his University graduation; Vincent Parascandola began his career serving at Prudential back in 1987 working as an agent. Mr. Vincent was among the hard working staffs in the organization and was devoted to the duties and responsibility of the firm. While still working at the company; Vincent was lucky to be named the National Rookie of the year. He worked at Prudential for three years and later moved to MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990.

Vincent Parascandola is a leader and while working at MONY Life Insurance Company he was head of several top positions both locally as well as international. According to Rocket Reach, in 2004 Vincent Parascandola joined AXA Advisors. He was first given the role of a President of one of the units of AXA Equitable; Advantage Group. AXA Equitable was purposely created to attract seasoned economic professionals. Mr. Vincent has also held other top positions in the group including being the co-manager of one of the organization’s branches located in New York.

Vincent has been a leader who throughout his career has shown positive leadership skills which have enabled him to hold various leadership and management positions in the insurance industry. Currently, Mr. Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisor. In the Insurance Company; Vincent is responsible for hiring staff, retentive, management, sales, growth of both new as well as experienced financial professionals, as well as the productivity of the organization. In 2014, Mr. Vincent was invited to go back to his former university to give a commencement to the graduation c lass of 2014. Being a prominent leader; Parascandola has been honored on several occasion including Master Agency Awards and GAMA’s Career Development. Vincent is not only a leader but he is also a motivational speaker who has been invited to events to give his speech including GAMA;s national lamb meeting and LIMRA distribution conference. Vincent is also a former Chair of LIMRA’S field Officers Committee.


Madison Street Capital Offers Excellent Valuation Services

Madison Street Capital reputation speaks for the company. The high ranking international investment banking firm has assisted many companies in different sectors. Madison Street Capital has a detailed understanding of the uniqueness of every client. Every customer has different demands, and through this understanding, Madison Street Capital has initiated the development of service delivery projects that satisfy the needs of customers. Through careful analysis as well as recommendations, the banking firm has extended its services to multiple corporations across the world. Established in 2005, MSC provides several financial services ranging from corporate advisory, financial evaluation, and reporting, financial opinions, mergers as well as acquisitions.




Madison Street Capital is committed to providing the best advisory services on mergers as well as acquisitions. The team commits to assisting clients with sound decision making that will add up to the value service of the company in question. The essential process of understanding the step by step process of mergers as well as acquisition by corporations offers accurate guidance for better entrepreneurial results. Madison prides itself on being able to provide the best prediction when it comes to substantiating the benefits of mergers or partnerships.




For most medium sized business professionals, settling for the best service provider of financial advice is challenging. With the rise of investment banking firms throughout the industry, business owners can be confused on settling for the right service provider because of variety in the industry. Through the searching process, it can be overwhelming to find a viable solution. For entrepreneurs looking for acquisitions or favorable lending services or developing an exit strategy, this banking firm carries a reputation that has attracted loyalty from all walks of life. From reliability to the affordability of services, Madison Street Capital has established its name as a top service provider of financial packages.




Geographically located in North America, Madison Street Capital offers the best valuation services with a clear understanding of corporate governance domestically as well as internationally. The company has vast knowledge, expertise and strong entrepreneurial networks that match the demands of clients. The team is extensively trained to match the financial needs of customers as well as offer supportive customer care services. Since the establishment of the company, it has provided professional experience while helping customers in different industries to achieve their dreams. From tax compliance, valuation, private placements, capital restructuring, reorganization and restructuring services, Madison Street Capital continues to extend its services to the world.


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A Review Of George Soros’s Entrepreneurial Journey

George Soros is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. To date, he has donated more than $12 billion to various charitable causes. He has been a champion of freedom of expression, accountable governments, transparency and societies that uphold equality and promote justice. While he was growing up in Hungary, George faced discrimination firsthand. The Nazi occupation resulted in the death of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. By virtue of being Jews, George’s family had to survive by concealing their identities, securing false identity papers and helping other families to disguise their backgrounds. In 1947, Soros left for London where he enrolled in the world-renowned London School of Economics. Without adequate funds, George was forced to work part-time to support his studies. In 1956, he flew to the United States where he entered the competitive world of finance and investments. After acquiring wealth, he founded his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. Notably, Soros used his wealth to incorporate Open Society Foundations. This network of partners, foundations and projects has active operations in over 100 nations of the world. Read his profile at Forbes.

The philosophy of Karl Popper influenced Soros’s ideology about open societies. This is after he read the philosopher’s book, “Open Society and Its Enemies.” According to the book, societies can only thrive by embracing freedom of expression, democratic governance and respect for individual right. Over the years, he has been involved in various philanthropic activities. In 1979, during the apartheid, George Soros gave scholarships to many students from South Africa. In addition, he helped in the creation of the Central European University. Soros continues to support lawyers and paralegals, especially those who represent unlawfully held individuals. He has also supported independent institutions such as the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the International Crisis Group, Global Witness and the European Council on Foreign Relations. His success gives him a greater degree of independence to speak about social evils.

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The Open Society Foundations has played a pivotal role in advancing education, independent media, justice, business development and public health. George has continued to fund various activities, including victims of natural disasters, arts, donating to the Russian University system, fighting against brain drain in Eastern Europe and preventing diseases. The foundation has also been establishing innovative after-school programs in New York City. Read more on                                         Notably, George made a name for himself in 1992 after profiting from the U.K. currency crisis. George has published many books. Most of his literature material has been zeroing in on the looming collapse of financial markets. George has been quoted as saying that policies devised by Israel and the United States have contributed to global anti-Semitism. George was born Gyorgy Schwartz. His parents, Erzebat and Tividar Schwartz, played a pivotal role in ensuring that they survive the Nazi occupation. To avoid the ongoing persecution, Soros’s father had to change their surname to Soros. George has five children. This information was originally reported on Biography as highlighted in the following link

Madison Street Capital Helps WLR Automotive Group

Madison Street Capital is now advising WLR Automotive Group on a sale of over thirteen million dollars. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm, and they are helping WLR Automotive Group in this 13.2 million dollar transaction lease. WLR Automotive Group, located in the Maryland and Tri State Region, is a car wash and lube company, which helps repair automotives. They are a leader in their industry. The transaction was completed by SCF Realty Capital, which is based on Texas. The announcement of this transaction was made by Charles Botchway. Charles Botchway is the CEO of Madison Street Capital. Barry Petersen helped lead the transaction. He is the senior Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital. This deal adds to already the growing and well respected Madison Street Capital Reputation.


Madison Street Capital is dedicated to integrity and honesty. They are dedicated to excellence and leadership. They help businesses manage their finances so that they can succeed. An example of this is their advisory for the above mentioned transaction of WLR Automotive Group. They help businesses evaluate their strategies. When they undertake a project, the goals of the client become their own goals. They focus a lot on emerging markets. Doing this, they have been able to help many clients become successful in their finances and transactions.


They provide services to both publicly held and privately owned businesses. They have locations in North America, Asia and Africa, so you can take advantage of their services no matter where you are located around the world. They have lots of experience in helping clients in all markets, including technology, healthcare, retail, energy and solar, manufacturing, construction and real estate, mining of minerals and natural resources, media and telecom, transportation, medical devices, financial services, and also aerospace and defense. This is not a comprehensive list, as there are many other industries where they have helped an untold number of clients.


Other transaction they are known for include the Hatch Chile Company, Fabtrol System, InteriorMark, GMS Pavillion Properties, and many many others. They have received many awards and M&A awards, including the M&A advisor awards in 2015 and 2016, along with M&A emerging leader awards, M&A turnaround awards, and international M&A awards.


They donate a lot to charity. For example, they helped United Way a lot, when disasters struck all over the world. Through their donations to United Way, many communities have been helped.


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George Soros Is Improving His Political Capital

George Soros has been reported by Politico as taking steps to ensure his progressive ideas will make their way in the public discourse. He has been looking for ways to pull people together who will help donate to the cause, and this article explains how the donors who are meeting with him are giving him the means to fight against Donald Trump. There are many things that may be done to help improve the situation in America, and people who are looking at ways to keep their progressive ideals moving forward must look to George for assistance.

#1: He Is Meeting With Donors

George has started to meet with donors to ensure that they will give to the causes that are the most important to changing the elections in 2018 and 2020. George has many targets in American politics that he wishes to fight against, and he will continue to send funds to those who will help in his fight. He knows that he may help quite a lot of people by doing this, and he believes that it is much better that many partners working together for the common good.

#2: Who Are His Targets?

The targets that George has chosen include many conservative politicians who have shown that they are not acting in what he believes are the public’s best interests. He wants them to be removed from office by any means necessary, and the donors he has found will ensure there is enough to be used for these purposes. They may spend years in court fighting against people they think are not good for the public, and they will continue to fight until they are certain that there is a way to remove each person who is not acting properly.

#3: The Summit Was Important After Hillary’s Loss

Hillary Clinton’s loss in the Presidential election is one that has caused the summit to occur, and there are many people who gave money to her campaign as George did. He gave as much money as possible, and he knows that he must do something to follow up the loss. He will begin to work for the more progressive policies that he believes in, and he knows that he may make a large difference in the world simply by fighting for the common man.

The people that have been collected by George Soros to help with the midterm elections in 2018 all met with him in Washington. They have taken steps to raise as much money as possible to ensure that they may get back on a progressive agenda. They will continue to give their money, and they will help garner more donations by reaching out to other progressives.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

The Importance of Social Security as Explained By David Giertz

When asked about the importance of social security, Senior Vice President of the insurance company Nationwide Financial Services, David L. Giertz, highlighted in an interview with the Wall Street Journal at about having a comprehensive, well-crafted retirement plan. With regard to this, he mentioned how financial advisors are often hesitant about discussing social security with their clients, which serves as a problem when it comes to making the most out of social security. In his interview, David Giertz discussed a research that he conducted based on the importance of social security to retirees and employed people ten years away from retirement, and found that the majority of clients considered changing their financial advisors if the advisors refrained from discussing social security with them, which only emphasizes the value of social security to clients.

David Giertz currently holds the post of a financial advisor for Nationwide Investment Services, working from Columbus, Ohio. Working in the field of finance, he has amassed more than 30 years worth of experience and has achieved success in four exams, thus securing registration with the FINRA of a Broker. David Giertz’ job entails being a part of the sales and financial distribution personnel with various brokerage firms and conducting businesses in investment products and services like stocks, bonds, and security transactions.

Giertz has previously worked as the Vice President of sales for FI/WH from 2009 to 2013 and is currently serving as the Vice President of Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Financial since 2013 on Facebook. His vast experience at such high posts enabled him to look at the downside of using social security too early, and thus carried out studies to prove the optimal time for when social security should be availed, keeping considerations like health and taxation in mind, and looking at how they influence the entire retirement experience on