Revolutionary Of Business With Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is effortlessly a standout amongst the most compelling business visionaries on the planet today. He has aced his specialty and reached a level whereby only a few professionals in the sector have done so. Glen parlayed his accomplishment and turned it to mentor people who aspire to have financial security and business well-being. To date, he has assisted in transforming various organizations into profitable establishments.

In the year 2015, Glen Wakeman helped to establish SAAS organization LaunchPad Holdings LLC where he also fills in as the chief executive officer. His leadership over the years has been productive due to his ability to apply new methods to the effective running of businesses persistently. The foundation of applied methodologies entails five key components: leadership power, human capital, governance, execution in business and risk management.

What isolates Glen Wakeman from numerous different business people and investors is his groundbreaking strategy. The business mentor is always planning about another bigger and better thing to help businesses grow. The element prompted him to become a business revolutionary that gives inspiration to other people. The sharp market strategist offers significance financial advice including the most accomplished company officials. To the majority of business people, Glen Wakeman insight is always precious.

Wake man is likewise an eager blogger ( and does the best to train the maximum number of people he can. The posts in his blog entail subjects such as strategy, administration, management, emerging markets and fiscal matters. He is a man with experience having lived in six distinct nations throughout the years. His voyaging has helped him make associations with a wide range of business professionals which has earned him reputation universally.

Glen Wakeman understood that school was the initial move towards seeking after a profession in finance. Thus, in the 1970’s, he joined the University of Scranton and graduated with BS in Economics & Finance. Later, he graduated from the University of Chicago with an MBA in Finance (LinkedIn). Glen began exercising his career skills at GE Capital holding where he held different business development positions. Today, he is proud to have helped various new business people achieve their dreams.


Improving Schools with Betsy DeVos

The school system that we currently have in action is failing the youth of low-income families and it must come to an abrupt stop. Schools in certain parts of the country are not doing anything to improve their standard of learning for inner-city children and leads to the glorifying of close-at-hand, short term means of making money, which for a strong percentage of these area are in means of crime. Since these schools have a guaranteed pool of consistent enrollment of students, it seems that they are just prolonging the abysmal quality of education that they provide. As well as with unions making it practically impossible to fire teachers who do not meet the standard of education, this also prolongs practices of low quality teaching.

Betsy DeVos has been put in the position where she can make some real changes for families of lower incomes to have access to high quality education for their children. She knows that most parents want adequate education for their children that can be found at private schools with the voucher system; the only current problem is that there are not enough private schools to enroll everybody. Majority of the distribution of vouch is done by lottery which is great for the few winners, but rather heartbreaking for the many who do not hear their names called out. With more private schools, the lottery system would be rendered obsolete due to that there will simply be enough space for enrollment for everybody.With each passing year that these low quality, government-ally ran schools do not improve then that is another year of children seeing more value and reward in a life of crime in their community.

Especially since all schools are a source of role models for children, when the school fails to provide proper standards that a child feels that they should follow and enforce, then they will just look elsewhere and what they find is not always far from home.Betsy DeVos has seen first hand how the people in power have tried to limit the access to private school by implementing road blocks that hinder any substantial growth on a large scale for education reform. This matter use to primarily be a Republican side of the political aisle, but now has seen piqued interest into members of the Democratic Party. It will take a bipartisan consensus for any real changes to be made in the near future, but the way that these failing schools do nothing to improve any quality of the education they provide, then more representatives of these areas will join in the fight in improving schools for the lower income families and also lower the crime rate.

Raj Fernando’s Career Journey

Raj Fernando serves as Scouthead’s Founder and Chief Operating Officer. He attended Beloit College to pursue a degree in History and Economics. Later on, he joined University of College London for advanced studies in economics and history. Before joining Scouthead, Raj Fernando worked at Chopper Trading. Fernando’s career started in College as Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s volunteer. Later on, from 1992 to 2001, Fernando served on the Chicago Board of Trade before establishing his trading firm, Chopper Trading. Under Fernando’s regime, Chopper Trading grew to a global-scale organization having employed over 250 employees and traded on LSE, ICE, ICAP-Broketek, and Nasdaq.

Raj Fernando’s Philanthropic efforts

Besides, Raj Fernando would support the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC) accomplish its mission of fostering transparent, competitive, and regulated financial markets. In fact, Raj featured as CFTC’s panelist during the discussion of disruptive trading practices. Additionally, Fernando attended the annual exclusive industry forum, Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference where he addressed an international audience of media personalities and shareholder. In 2015, Raj Fernando’s Chopper Trading was acquired by a Chicago-based trading firm, DRW Trading Group. Later on, he founded Scouthead, a technology startup, to improve professional and corporate productivity through hi-tech communication systems. Currently, Raj serves as Scouthead’s head of strategic planning.

Besides business, Raj Fernando supports several philanthropic initiatives in Chicago and across the United States. He serves on the board of PAWS Chicago, a pro-animal rights activist as well as on Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s board of trustees. He also offers financial support to several foundations such as the Wounded Warriors and the Clinton Foundation. Furthermore, Raj serves on America Security Project’s board of directors. Here, Fernando serves as a member of the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee of Brooking Institution as well as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs member. In 2011, Fernando served as a member of the International Security Advisory Board.

As an experienced entrepreneur, Raj Fernando approaches the hiring process uniquely. Unlike competitors, Raj Fernando subjects his employees to a lengthy screening process before they are hired. As such, Raj Fernando can hire passionate and dedicated employees.

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