Lime Crime – The Beauty Solution for Unicorns by Unicorns

Lime Crime is a beauty solution for unicorns by unicorns. They specialize in makeup that is that is for the bold grunge look that also highlights your posh side. Founder, Doe Deere embodies the essence of their product line. Deere flaunts a whimsical and colorful style that encourages her consumers to dare to be unique.


Every Beauty seeker strives to look their best, for the best price and without sacrificing animal well-being.


Lime Crime has some new product releases that are definitely something to get excited about. The new products include new colors to their Unicorn Lipstick product line and lip gloss sets featuring different variations of trendy colors.

This beauty line boasts a great social media presence online. Their Facebook page has a whopping 900K+ likes and is known to post coupons and new product releases frequently. If you’re a frequent purchaser of these products or looking to purchase in the future, checking out their Facebook page can be a valuable resource for coupons and reviews. Also, Celia Leslie; a Youtube makeup maven raves about the Velvetine’s lipstick line. She is notorious for reviewing makeup brands and letting consumers of their value. She praised and spoke highly of their products and proved that their lipstick line is incredibly versatile. The Lipsticks that Celia reviewed were several different shades that all looked great on her.


These amazing products can be purchased at a myriad of retailers over the country: One of the most widely known is Urban Outfitters. Their site also maps out which locations you can purchase their authentic product lines.


Their products are stylish, trendy and make for great gifts as well. They encourage their consumers to be “unicorns” and be different: challenge the makeup dos and donts and stay true to themselves. Their colorful packaging and remarkable product list make Lime Crime a beauty must-have.