Avaaz Campaigns Save The Lives Of Dogs In China And India

When Avaaz becomes aware of a critical issue in the world they take steps to make it right. There is a festival that takes place in Yulin, China every year. During this time thousands of dogs are brutally killed, boiled, and served for China’s dog meat festival. The global community of Avaaz had reached their limits and decided enough was enough. Three million members of Avaaz partnered with groups for animal rights both in and out of China and created the worlds largest online call in history. Avaaz used their voice to reach Beijing as well as embassies around the globe. Avaaz then conducted an opinion poll and discovered the citizens of China were greatly opposed to this annual festival. The voices of Avaaz were heard by the officials in Yulin and they vowed to permanently close the festival. The appropriate government agencies and Yulin authorities have taken actions to ensure this festival never happens again.

Avaaz once again fought for the animals when they discovered the Indian Army had been killing unfit and old dogs and horses. These animals had provided loyal service to the army in extremely dangerous combat. Thousands of members of Avaaz teamed with India’s Animal Welfare Board to pressure the Defense Ministry. Avaaz felt these loyal animals deserved to be rehabilitated. Many members of Avaaz wrote to the Defense Ministry directly and even offered homes for the dogs retired from the Army. Just a few weeks after Avaaz launched their campaign the Indian Army contacted the Animal Welfare Board. They requested the development of a rehabilitation plan for the animals. The Defense Ministry agreed to the funding and made an official announcement that they were ending the brutality of humane euthanasia. Shortly afterwards Avaaz received a letter from the Animal Welfare Board of India thanking them for the trouble they went through to write the government letters. The letter was signed truly, truly grateful.