Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Contribution to Mexico’s Media Industry

     Mexico City has seen an increase in the number of private and state-run media outlets being opened. 15 Mexican media conglomerates got shortlisted on the top 2000 global leading news organizations, according to Forbes Magazine. The list by Forbes includes titans of industry like El Universal, FEMSA, Grupo Televisa and Grupo Mexico. Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire has invested several billions into the lucrative media industry.

24-Hour News Channels

     These new television stations have helped to reduce the systemic corruption often hidden from the public by the government-sponsored media stations. Additionally, the newspapers make it their prerogative to post in-depth quality stories focused on pertinent issues such as corruption, crime, and drugs.

Online Strategies

     Everywhere you turn and look in the streets of the bustling metropolis of Mexico City, you’ll see newspapers, posters and, magazines displayed for prospective clients. The owners of these leading media institutions have had to reinvent their strategy altogether to survive. Nowadays, these Mexican magazines have adopted an intensified online campaign strategy to beat competitors.

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

     Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega heads up one of the most established media companies in Mexico. Alfonso is the Executive Vice President of the award-winning Grupo Televisa, S.A. In the past, Alfonso chaired several prominent media organizations in Latin America. He’s served at Empresas Cablevision, Sky News, Bolsa Mexicana de Valores and as a director at Univision.

Career and Charity Work

     Previous to his appointment as the Exec Vice President of Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega lived and worked in New York, United States of America. He was a senior partner with the prestigious White & Case LLP law firm in New York. Mr. Angoitia has a knack for helping those in need. He sits on the board of the charitable organization, American School Foundation.

InnovaCare Health’s CEO Rick Shinto Names Additional Executives

InnovaCare, a leading healthcare provider recently hired three executives to boost its leadership team. Two of these executives have excellent track record working with Medicare and Medicaid, government-funded healthcare programs. These executives are Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino. The announcement was made by InnovaCare’s President and CEO Rick Shinto in July 2016. Jonathan Meyers was hired to serve as the Chief Actually Officer. Prior to joining InnovaCare, Meyers worked with Medicaid and Medicare programs for Horizon BCBS. He also worked at New York’s Healthcare Partners as its CFO. Mike Sortino was named CAO, and prior to this appointment, he had worked for several companies as a financial executive. He also has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope was named as the firm’s Chief Administration Officer. She has over 20 years of practice specializing in Medicaid and Medicare programs. She is recognized for her extensive experience and expertise of heading various clinical and healthcare programs. Before she joined InnovaCare, Kokkinides held an executive position at Centerlight Healthcare, where she was responsible for managing the care division at the firm. She also served as the COO of Touchstone Health and Corporate VP for AmeriChoice.

Rick Shinto’s Career Profile

Dr. Rick Shinto has an experience of close to 20 years of managed care as well as operational and clinical healthcare. From 2008 until 2012, Shinto served as Aveta, Inc.’s CEO and President. Initially, he was part of the executive team at Aveta. Dr. Shinto has also worked for NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, MedPartners and cal optimal health Plan. He is a holder of M.B.A., medical degree and B.S. from prestigious universities. Rich has authored numerous articles, addressing various issues in the clinical and healthcare industry. As a result of his effort of helping patients to manage their general healthcare, Dr. Shinto was honored with “A tribute to Caring” award.

An Overview of InnovaCare

InnovaCare, Inc. is a leading Penelope Kokkinides healthcare provider of PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Health. These two healthcare plans have a client base of nearly 200,000 members. The clients are covered by more than 7,500 healthcare providers. InnovaCare is also responsible for operating GHP of Puerto Rico. It is the only healthcare provider in the island that is NCQA-accredited. The firm is committed in providing high quality healthcare plans for its members. In addition, the firm provides innovative and cost-effective services to its members.

Fabletics Helps Create More Opportunities for Customers

Fabletics has always been focused on their customers. Since they are the single most important thing to the company, it helps them to make sure that they are doing things right and that they are going to be able to continue to offer all of the things that their clients need. There are many ways for the company to continue offering things to their clients but one of the most important things is the fact that the company knows how to make things work properly for their clients. They want to show them what they can get out of the shopping experience and they do this by always offering them convenience in different ways.


The fact that customers are given a reverse showroom helps to contribute to convenience factors. It is something that will allow Fabletics to continue offering a premier business and something that people will be able to benefit from. It will also allow them the chance to make sure that they are helping people with all of the options that they need in the experiences that they have for clothing shopping. They don’t have to worry about what they are going to do or choose to have to be able to wear.


While Fabletics continues to work on making things more convenient for their clients, they continue to offer their subscription service. This is a huge part of what has set them apart from other companies and has shown them what they can get out of Fabletics. It gives them a chance to experience more than what other companies has to offer while they are working to make everything better on their own for their clients.


Along with the online-only shopping options that Fabletics offers to their clients, they have now started to offer them things like retail shopping. They have a few flagship stores that are located in major cities. They use these areas to show people what they can get and what they can do with the business that they have. This has given them the inspiration that they need to make things easier, bigger and better. It also allows their clients the chance to be able to shop when they are in different areas instead of just having to shop online. All of this convenience has put them close to Amazon for the number one spot as a retailer online for people to shop with.

Traveling Vineyard Tours French Wine Country

Traveling Vineyard has high-quality wines in their sales portfolio, which have received recognition. With their considerable knowledge regarding award winning wines, they can offer some tips about a dream vacation to the fabled French wine regions. They detail wonderful choices for touring wine routes in France that entail visiting smaller, more accessible vintners.

The Champagne region isn’t far from Paris and Traveling Vineyard recommends three winemakers to visit. They are Champagne Tribaut, Champagne Fallet Dart, and Champagne Aspasie. These three places offer wonderful tours at affordable prices. The town of Hautvillers is where Dom Perignon is buried who is known as the inventor of Champagne. It is another unique opportunity.

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The region of Alsace is full of gorgeous scenery and it is also home to wine festivals which begin in October. They bring a spirit of celebration to the area and it is an optimal time to visit. The winemakers here are particularly accessible to visitors and are generous with their time. Another highlight here is the Clos Froehn bed and breakfast. It is housed in a 17th-century farmhouse that is beautiful and inviting.

The Burgundy region is famous for their red and white wines. This particular territory is world famous and its unique land imparts a special quality to the wines. Their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are considered to be the best in the world. The territory cuts a wider swath through France much of it through Route des Grands Crus.

There are six different routes through Bordeaux and they all offer fantastic wineries and restaurants. How about a wine cruise down a river? Local wine fairs are also available and you can also tour a winery that produces one of your favorites.

Another great way to learn about wine and enjoy a tasting is with a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. An in-home tasting could be an excellent way to get started in wine. They offer award winning flavors and a casual opportunity to learn. Traveling Vineyard is also an excellent way to develop your own business doing something you love. They offer the opportunity to become a Wine Guide and become part of their award winning organization.

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Improving Schools with Betsy DeVos

The school system that we currently have in action is failing the youth of low-income families and it must come to an abrupt stop. Schools in certain parts of the country are not doing anything to improve their standard of learning for inner-city children and leads to the glorifying of close-at-hand, short term means of making money, which for a strong percentage of these area are in means of crime. Since these schools have a guaranteed pool of consistent enrollment of students, it seems that they are just prolonging the abysmal quality of education that they provide. As well as with unions making it practically impossible to fire teachers who do not meet the standard of education, this also prolongs practices of low quality teaching.

Betsy DeVos has been put in the position where she can make some real changes for families of lower incomes to have access to high quality education for their children. She knows that most parents want adequate education for their children that can be found at private schools with the voucher system; the only current problem is that there are not enough private schools to enroll everybody. Majority of the distribution of vouch is done by lottery which is great for the few winners, but rather heartbreaking for the many who do not hear their names called out. With more private schools, the lottery system would be rendered obsolete due to that there will simply be enough space for enrollment for everybody.With each passing year that these low quality, government-ally ran schools do not improve then that is another year of children seeing more value and reward in a life of crime in their community.

Especially since all schools are a source of role models for children, when the school fails to provide proper standards that a child feels that they should follow and enforce, then they will just look elsewhere and what they find is not always far from home.Betsy DeVos has seen first hand how the people in power have tried to limit the access to private school by implementing road blocks that hinder any substantial growth on a large scale for education reform. This matter use to primarily be a Republican side of the political aisle, but now has seen piqued interest into members of the Democratic Party. It will take a bipartisan consensus for any real changes to be made in the near future, but the way that these failing schools do nothing to improve any quality of the education they provide, then more representatives of these areas will join in the fight in improving schools for the lower income families and also lower the crime rate.

Amicus Therapeutics – Leading Biotechnology Firm Based in the United States

Amicus Therapeutics is a publicly traded firm biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey. Before the company went public, it was funded by a host of different venture capital firms like Radius Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, and Canaan Partners. The focus of Amicus Therapeutics is on rare and orphan diseases, particularly the set of disorders collectively known as the lysosomal storage disorders. The platform that the company adheres to in its development is Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy, also referred to as CHART. Amicus Therapeutics is focused on the development of enzyme replacement therapies as well through its product development platform. Presently, Amicus Therapeutics doesn’t manufacture but rely on contract manufacturing.

The company previously had just one research site in New Jersey, but in 2008, the company opened its second research base in San Diego. The company was funded by the Michael J Fox Foundation and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in the year 2010 and received a grant from the former organization of $500,000 (GoogleFinance). The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation also provided the grant of $210,000 in 2010. As the world of medicine continues to improve and expand, it is essential for the biotechnology firms to do their part and devise ways to find a cure for the diseases that are making the lives of millions of kids and adults miserable across the globe. The biotechnology companies are equipped with the knowledge and the tools as well as the expertise needed to find ways to cure and control various rare and orphan diseases, which is what the Amicus Therapeutics is doing.


The principal product provided by Amicus Therapeutics is Migalastat, which is used to treat people who are in the later stage of suffering from Fabry disease. Amicus Therapeutics understands that science plays a huge role in transforming the field of medicine and ensures that it continues to develop therapies that help in treating rare and orphan diseases. Some of the diseases that Amicus Therapeutics is active working on to find its cure are Fabry Diseases, Pompe Disease, genetic connective skin disorder, and Lysosomal Storage Disorder. The company continues to make massive investments in research and development to strengthen and advance its research-based activities.


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Damac Owner and Hussain Sajwani Family Deals

A recent quarterly earnings filing, made by Damac holding company, listed newly- created subsidiaries under Trump International Golf Club LLC, which it described as holding 100-percent legal and economic interests. This UAE-based entity lists all principal activities as being the “golf club,” and does not elaborate. The Trump Organization doesn’t have any upcoming deals within Dubai, according to company spokeswoman Amanda Miller. The company thus declined to answer further questions.


Damac’s first-quarter net profits exceeded $240 million but were down by 16 percent when compared to last year’s amounts. These lower profits came as weak global oil prices squeezed Mideast countries, of whose citizens formed about half of Damac’s clientele altogether. Damac’s managing director also resigned as the company claimed in a regulatory filing, offering no stated reason for his departure.


Experts raised concerns that existing Trump businesses abroad could run afoul of so-called “emoluments clauses” within the U.S. Constitution. These clauses bar public officials from receiving gifts or payments from foreign entities and companies controlling them without consent of Congress. Already, liberal-funded watchdog groups have filed lawsuits citing the clause.




Others criticize Trump’s family members for traveling on behalf of Secret Service details while engaging in private business trips, something afforded them through direct relatives of President Trump. While in Dubai, Trump gave a commencement on Sunday – at Dubai’s American University, a private institution founded in 1995, which now has more than 2,700 students. The school did not announce that Trump would make a commencement speech website ahead of time.


When Trump looks back on what his father did in the past election, and the risk that he took, he was impressed with the very fact that his father tried – even more than the fact that he had actually won. Trump said this in his 14-minute speech. The university had not answered repeated emails and calls asking whether Trump received payments for his commencement speech; additionally, security guards turned away Associated Press journalist questions at the university’s gate on Wednesday.


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The Brown Modeling Agency Continues To Provide World Class Talent

The Brown Modeling Agency is one of the most well-known names in the modeling industry today. Over the decades, the company has provided the top talent in the world to brand names in a variety of industries located all over the world.

According to Market Wired, Brown Modeling Agency provides talent to the most famous runways shows in the world including New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, and Miami Fashion Week. They have been able to sign some of the world’s most famous faces for companies like Christian Dior, Chanel, Gucci, and much more. Brown Modeling doesn’t limit itself to strictly fashion talent, however, they also provide talent for a range of consumer products ranging from cars to furniture. Over the years they supplied faces for thousands of household names from companies spanning the globe. They take pride in being able to discern talent that brands want and can provide looks that speak volumes about the brands they represent.

Most, recently the Brown Agency opened a new location in Austin, TX. The area has a healthy, fresh fashion scene that locals express in their everyday lives. The looks are inspired in great part by the music that is prospering in the region. Musical acts flock to the area for a variety of festivals every year, which has helped the area become the premier music artist destination in the country today. The talent scouts for the Brown Agency love to work in the area because there is a large supply of faces and styles that fit their needs.

Not only does the Brown Agency sign modeling talent, they also work with musical talent and bands as well. They have signed several music acts in the Austin area, which is another reason the Austin location makes so much sense to the company. They recently started working with actors as well. They provide acting talent for both the screen and the stage. The Brown Agency holds open auditions in Austin weekly for individuals that want to meet with a representative in person. They should bring their complete portfolio and be ready to dazzle the scouts. People can also apply online. There is a page that allows you to submit your portfolio with your contact information should they decide to pursue further investigation into the model.

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Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Operations are Improving

In Dubai, it is not uncommon to see the DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani on billboards and in different areas. The Hussain Sajwani family is very popular and it is something that has made them better able to create different buildings in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani knows what he can do to make properties better and he is a great developer when it comes to changing from something very cheap to something very expensive. He knows the right way to make buildings and knows exactly what people are looking for when it comes to the shopping, commercial and even residential areas. Hussain Sajwani tries his best to make sure that the properties that he develops are the ones that people want and are the ones that make a difference for people who are looking for some of the best experiences that they can have in their living and shopping areas of Dubai.


Hussain Sajwani not only has DAMAC in Dubai but Hussain Sajwani also has properties in the United States. He helped Donald Trump to develop the resort that he created in Florida and that gave him the chance to make a name for himself in a country other than Dubai. He is a billionaire who knows how to spread his wealth and knows how to make sure that he is doing different things in the Dubai area. He can develop properties anywhere that he wants but he found that working with Donald Trump was a very profitable experience so that he could do more with the money that he made in the country.


Despite the fact that Hussain Sajwani runs DAMAC, he also has several properties that are not associated with DAMAC. One of these properties is the Trump resort that is in Florida. This is one property that has the Hussain Sajwani but does not have the DAMAC name that is attached to it in the property. There are many different things that people notice about the property but the Hussain Sajwani that is in the buildings and on the property as the developer is not one of the first things they see.


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Aloha Constructions to Include Interior Restoration and Remodeling Services into Their Service Charter

April 2017 marked the beginning of a new roofing season for Aloha Construction. With many regions in North Illinois already facing hails, storms and high winds, the local siding contractors envisaged a good season ahead. Since its inception, the firm has seen rapid growth. Today, the company serves all regions of Southern Wisconsin. With a new website aimed at getting homeowners professionals’ help in fewer clicks, the sliding contractors and roofers seem to be on the right track towards delivering their promise of building high-quality homes. In a bid to offer quality services, the firm was set to launch an internal renovation service in May 2017.


Life Made Easier


The firm has laid down plans to make life easier for Midwest residents. According to David Farbaky, the president and CEO of Aloha Construction, Inc., the company will continue focusing on making people feel safe in their homes. In a bid to ensure that people feel safe in their homes, the firm would be launching a new affiliate branch of the Aloha Builds network. This department will offer services such as remodeling of kitchens, basements, bathrooms, interior restoration, clean up, water extraction and natural disaster response service.


Although Aloha Constructions has been offering remodeling services to homeowners, the service was being offered in passing. However, in the process, the firm managed to handle hundreds of bathroom and kitchen remodeling giving them experience and knowledge required to venture the remodeling sector fully.


The Rapid Growth


In 2013, just five years after inception, the firm had already completed 7,000 projects in Illinois. Today, the company has already begun development of over 20,000 projects. In 2015, the company concentrated in proving excellent services to Southern Illinois residents their Bloomington office, which was new. Today, the office handles a similar workload as the Lake Zurich office.


Aloha Constructions in Brief


Aloha Constructions is a family owned and operated construction contractors and roofers headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Founded in 2008, the firm has achieved several accomplishments, certifications, and memberships including National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Better Business Bureau (BBB), Building Trades Association (BTA), and Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA).


The firm provides services in siding repair, soffit installation, and repair, roof waterproofing, gutter and door installation among many other services. Aloha Constructions serves residents Barrington, Lake Zurich, North Barrington, Port Barrington and Vernon Hills.