A Review Of George Soros’s Entrepreneurial Journey

George Soros is a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist. To date, he has donated more than $12 billion to various charitable causes. He has been a champion of freedom of expression, accountable governments, transparency and societies that uphold equality and promote justice. While he was growing up in Hungary, George faced discrimination firsthand. The Nazi occupation resulted in the death of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. By virtue of being Jews, George’s family had to survive by concealing their identities, securing false identity papers and helping other families to disguise their backgrounds. In 1947, Soros left for London where he enrolled in the world-renowned London School of Economics. Without adequate funds, George was forced to work part-time to support his studies. In 1956, he flew to the United States where he entered the competitive world of finance and investments. After acquiring wealth, he founded his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management. Notably, Soros used his wealth to incorporate Open Society Foundations. This network of partners, foundations and projects has active operations in over 100 nations of the world. Read his profile at Forbes.

The philosophy of Karl Popper influenced Soros’s ideology about open societies. This is after he read the philosopher’s book, “Open Society and Its Enemies.” According to the book, societies can only thrive by embracing freedom of expression, democratic governance and respect for individual right. Over the years, he has been involved in various philanthropic activities. In 1979, during the apartheid, George Soros gave scholarships to many students from South Africa. In addition, he helped in the creation of the Central European University. Soros continues to support lawyers and paralegals, especially those who represent unlawfully held individuals. He has also supported independent institutions such as the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the International Crisis Group, Global Witness and the European Council on Foreign Relations. His success gives him a greater degree of independence to speak about social evils.

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The Open Society Foundations has played a pivotal role in advancing education, independent media, justice, business development and public health. George has continued to fund various activities, including victims of natural disasters, arts, donating to the Russian University system, fighting against brain drain in Eastern Europe and preventing diseases. The foundation has also been establishing innovative after-school programs in New York City. Read more on nytimes.com                                         Notably, George made a name for himself in 1992 after profiting from the U.K. currency crisis. George has published many books. Most of his literature material has been zeroing in on the looming collapse of financial markets. George has been quoted as saying that policies devised by Israel and the United States have contributed to global anti-Semitism. George was born Gyorgy Schwartz. His parents, Erzebat and Tividar Schwartz, played a pivotal role in ensuring that they survive the Nazi occupation. To avoid the ongoing persecution, Soros’s father had to change their surname to Soros. George has five children. This information was originally reported on Biography as highlighted in the following link http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527