A Look At Brazilian Corporate Lawyer, Ricardo Tosto

A Quick Laydown Of The Brazilian Court System

The Brazilian judiciary or courts are independent of the other branches of government just like in the United States. This means that the decisions of the courts are not affected by the legislative or executive branch of Brazil in their rulings and proceedings. Congress and the President do not involve themselves or impact the rulings of the courts in Brazil.

Starting from the bottom, Brazilian courts have a first instance court which is the lowest court level. They are local courts. Then, there are second instance courts, which are regional. They can override first instance courts. Above the second instance courts are the superior courts. These courts can overrule the second and first instance courts. At the very top of Brazil’s judiciary is the supreme federal court. This is the highest court in Brazil and its ruling are final and binding.

Brazilian Attorney, Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian attorney who practices corporate litigation, compliance and legal counsel in Brazil. Mr. Tosto is one of the founders and is currently a partner at Leite, Tosto and Barros Attorney Associates. Ricardo Tosto completed his law degree at Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Today, Ricardo Tosto is considered to be among the top corporate lawyers in Brazil. He has successfully defended major companies and litigated others in cases that have now set precedents for other rulings. Ricardo Tosto’s defense in these major corporate and business cases have also become an example for other lawyers to follow. Mr. Tosto’s legal cases and defenses have also led to the formation of new economic laws designed to promote business and crack down on fraudulent practices. Ricardo Tosto himself is a big promoter of ethics and a good, clean fight in the court room.

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